Funding received for theory and method development related to the grand challenges

Per and Eivor Wikströms stiftelse gracefully approved our application related to theory and method development in grand challenges associated with extreme contexts. The idea behind the program is to develop an exchange program with scholars in french speaking academic environments. The program is a continuation from the Riksbanken funded exchange program and will run during 2019.

Participating in Svenska Projektakademins meeting. Getting insights about boredom

Today I had the great joy of together with consultants, academics and practitioners participate in a seminar day arranged by Svenska Projektakademin (in which I am a board member – not bored – too). We discussed a range of topics but the one that was perhaps most interesting (to me that is) was the fact that large organizations are re-doing their project models. By doing that they notice a higher employee turnover as a result of boredom. This would of course be interesting to study in relation to the insights we have made on Everest.

Link to Svenska Projektakademin: