Talking boredom, engagement and motivation with a large multinational company

Had the pleasure to spend a full day together with a large multinational company and two of their developer teams. The time was limited but nevertheless rewarding and interesting. Next step is to see how this embryo of collaboration could be taken to the next level. Pretty fantastic to see, once again, how applicable our extreme context research are to what we commonly refer to quite ordinary organizations. Exciting times ahead!

Participating in Svenska Projektakademins meeting. Getting insights about boredom

Today I had the great joy of together with consultants, academics and practitioners participate in a seminar day arranged by Svenska Projektakademin (in which I am a board member – not bored – too). We discussed a range of topics but the one that was perhaps most interesting (to me that is) was the fact that large organizations are re-doing their project models. By doing that they notice a higher employee turnover as a result of boredom. This would of course be interesting to study in relation to the insights we have made on Everest.

Link to Svenska Projektakademin: