Speaking about extreme contexts and Sweden during WW2

I had the pleasure of being invited to talk with a group of elderly men interested in Sweden and the second world war. The topic of the conversation was extreme contexts, and what that may have meant to Swedes during WW2. We had a great 2,5 hours with a wide ranging conversation about routines, politics, labor camps, and WW2 in general.

Founding of Knowledge forum Region North

Recently I founded Knowledge Forum Region North together with the participating organizations (see below). The aim of the knowledge forum is to share and reflect upon experiences, knowledge, and science, to increase society´s capability to cope with extreme events. Today the Knowledge forum consists of TripleEd, the Police, the Security Police, the military, and the county administrative board of Västerbotten. As we go along other organizations and researchers will be added. Really looking forward to what this initiative may turn into. There is certainly a need for some integration and reflections for all of us. The collaboration is thus quite exciting!

Workshop on Leadership challenges associated with extreme events

There have been some developments that have not been written about… Both on a team and personal level. A major thing has been a workshop that TripleEd organized together with the Police, Security Police, the County administrative board of Västerbotten, and the defense forces –  all representing the Northern Region of Sweden.

For half a day we discussed and reflected on our different experiences of extreme events, and how they differed and was similar across the organizations. The day was organized with panel presentations, reflective team seminars, and joint discussions. Based on the feedback from the participants it was appreciated, and we all hope that we will see more of these activities and collaborations across organizations.