Article in Kvalitetsmagasinet about the dangers and management of boredom

Skärmavbild 2017-09-28 kl. 10.55.20Kvalitetsmagasinet focuses on management issues from a quality perspective and each issue is distributed to 30000 people. In this article I continue my rant about the consequences of boredom and in what ways it is dangerous and how it could be managed. Unfortunately in Swedish though.. They separated the interview into two separate articles, found below.

What the problem is:
How to avoid:

Participating in Svenska Projektakademins meeting. Getting insights about boredom

Today I had the great joy of together with consultants, academics and practitioners participate in a seminar day arranged by Svenska Projektakademin (in which I am a board member – not bored – too). We discussed a range of topics but the one that was perhaps most interesting (to me that is) was the fact that large organizations are re-doing their project models. By doing that they notice a higher employee turnover as a result of boredom. This would of course be interesting to study in relation to the insights we have made on Everest.

Link to Svenska Projektakademin:

Martin & mine article “Sensemaking in sensory deprived settings: The role of non-verbal auditory cues for emergency assessment”

…is now available for download from European Management Journal. In the article we investigate how emergency call centers make sense of their input using non-verbal cues. Pretty interesting if we get to say it ourselves! You find a link here.

News about boredom in the media (again) – in Svenska Dagbladet

Svenska Dagbladet is collaborating with the magazine Chef. Chef is making another piece on our research on boredom. As part of that they are co-publishing the article in SvD. I am very happy to see that our research and efforts are making such a impact in the media. Hopefully someone reflects and puts it into action! You find the link to the article, here. And.. just so you know… NO, I did  not climb Everest. But kind of wish I did.. Then again, it is never too late!